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One of the most common questions we get from new customers is, “Are you organic?” The short answer to that is no, but let me tell you why not being organic is important to us.

When we started our farm in 2014, the whole purpose was to control our own food supply and raise animals cleaner than what we could source in the grocery store. That led to months of trial and error with different feeds, trying to find the best economical solution with clean ingredients. What we found in that search was that all of the organic feeds readily available on the market had two main ingredients: corn and soy.

At the time we had already eliminated both corn and soy from our diets, so we knew that even organic options of these crops weren’t something we wanted to feed our animals. You see, in addition to being some of the most heavily sprayed crops, corn and soy are inflammatory to the body. Corn also isn’t easily digested by most livestock and soy contains phytic acid, which prevents the body (be it human or animal) from absorbing minerals. So we decided that a NonGMO certified feed without corn or soy was the best option for our farm.

In 2021 we discovered how severely modified wheat has become over the last 30 years, and the detrimental effects it can have on your gut biome. We were amazed at how much better we felt when we stopped eating wheat and were determined to remove it from our animal’s diets too. But the journey to finding a feed company that would create a custom mix for us was challenging. After several months of contacting different feed mills we finally found Resaca Sun Feeds in Resaca, Georgia. They were not only willing to make us a custom mix with natural (not lab created) minerals, but also gave us the opportunity to work closely with their nutritionist to make sure our animals’ needs were met. Resaca grows all of their own crops, limiting their pesticide exposure and making their quality control higher than any other company in the industry. Resaca is also the only feed company that is NonGMO project verified.

Over the years we have grown in our methods and figured out ways to raise our livestock naturally, as God intended. We source the highest quality feed without fillers. We farm with strictly organic methods, meaning no chemicals of any kind are used on our land or in our animals. And we are selective in our processing methods so that the integrity of our meat isn’t compromised before making it to your plate.

So, are we organic? No. We’re better.

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