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Farmer Frye

Straight from the farm to your classroom!

About Farmer Frye

Central Alabama’s Mobile Learning Farm

Are you looking for a unique field trip experience that also relates to the state standards? Farmer Frye is our farm’s answer to your field trip needs!

Farmer Frye offers 30 minute hands-on farm learning experiences delivered directly in your classroom by a National Board certified teacher! We offer multiple field trips for a variety of ages that directly address the state standards while giving students first hand experience with live farm animals.

Field Trip OPtions

Down on the Farm

All grades & general audiences

Meet one of our feathered friends as we learn all about life on the farm and why our heritage farm is important to the future of farming.

Social Studies: K.2 | K.12
Science: K.3 | K.4 | 1.7

The Chicken or the Egg?

All grades & general audiences

Meet two of our heritage breed chickens while we learn about poultry, eggs, and chicken adaptations.

Science: 1.3 | 1.5 | 1.6 | 1.7 | 2.6 | 3.6 | 3.7 | 3.10 | 4.9

Milk Makers

All grades & general audiences

Meet one of our dairy goats as we learn about goat milk, dairy products and the adaptations that make goats unique.
*must take place outside*

Social Studies: K.5 | 1.9
Science: 1.5 | 2.4 | 4.11 | 5.10

Blast from the Past

Intermediate grades & general audiences

Meet one of our chicken breeds dating back to the 1800’s while observing tools and methods from our farming family compared to those used today.
(Directly addresses farming in Alabama using primary sources.)
* must have access to computer & projector*

Social Studies: 4.6

Frequently asked Field Trip questions:

  • What do your field trips cost?
    Field trips are $75 per class with a four class minimum. Contact me about special rates for pre-schools and assemblies.
  • How long are your field trips?
    Field trips are 30 minutes per group.
  • How many students do you see at one time?
    I typically schedule two classes (30-50 students) at one time in order to get our animals back to their home environment sooner. All students are still given the opportunity to ask questions and meet whichever animal joins me that day.
  • What time will our field trip be?
    Whatever time works for you! As a former classroom teacher I understand how important routines are for students and am flexible about the timing of your field trip within the school day.
  • How do I handle paying you?
    I provide everything you need for your bookkeeper via email. Payment is due the day of your field trip.
  • Do you only come to schools?
    No! I have visited Senior Citizen Centers too. If you have a non-traditional place you’d like for me to visit, contact me so we can discuss details!
  • Do you do assembly presentations?
    Yes! Pricing for assemblies varies by the size of the group. Contact me for group rates and field trip length.


We are an Alabama farm rich in history


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What teachers are saying…


We invited Farmer Frye to visit our first graders. Since she was previously a public school teacher, Farmer Frye is understanding of your responsibilities as a teacher. She is able to meet the needs of a single class or multiple classes depending on the activity/service you request. She is captivating and engaging! Our students continued to talk about her visit throughout the school year, and would ask when she was coming back (or if we could go visit the REAL farm).

-S. Fisher
Pelham City Schools


You won’t get any better than Farmer Frye! Her field trips are structured around the state standards so your students are getting a quality lesson in addition to a new experience. She is engaging and patient with all age ranges, adapting her lessons to meet your students needs. I love that she brings her field trips straight to your classroom so that there is no stress in taking students off campus!

-C. Bailey
Pelham City Schools


Farmer Frye is a great addition to any school program. Our students received a thorough program tailored to fit our specific needs. Farmer Frye brought hands on materials and was very informative with her presentation. Our students loved having her and were able to make so many connections!

-A. Broadhead
Homewood City Schools