Our Breeds

Heritage breeds are more than animals

they’re our farming history

Heritage breeds are animals that were raised by our farming forefathers, many of which have been around for hundreds of years. These animals grow slower than the conventional breeds, but are more hardy and like to forage for their food. Due to the commercialization of farming many heritage breeds are rare and even endangered.

We chose to raise heritage breeds because we wanted to be different than the norm, while raising animals with history. Many of the breeds we raise have a 200+ year history in the US. Our goal is to raise awareness of the heritage breeds and rebuild their populations while raising our livestock in the most natural way possible. 

To learn more about the animals we raise, look them up on the Livestock Conservancy.




Solid Galloway *AGBA Registered
Guernsey *AGA Registered

Dairy Goats:

Oberhasli *ADGA Registered


Buff, Dark & Light Brahma
Brown & White Leghorn


Saxony *Holderread Original Stock
Silver Appleyard *Holderread Original Stock
Khaki Campbell

If you’re interested in purchasing an animal to add to your farm, please contact us!

As one of the only breeders of Tamworth’s in Alabama we have sold hogs to farms all over the southeast: Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida. We are also the only breeder of Galloway cattle in the state, and one of only a handful in the south. Each of the breeds we raise was carefully chosen based on availability, rarity, and product quality.

**On average we have piglets available twice per year, goats available once per year, and poultry available seasonally.