Our Practices

Raising Responsibly

since 2014

Do you know where your food comes from? If you don’t, you should! We believe you are what you eat and that knowing your farmer is essential. Our passion is providing clean meats and eggs that you can confidently feed your family.

We pride ourselves in being transparent with our customers. If you have a question about how we operate, please ask! We enjoy talking with customers about our practices and educating them on our natural methods of care.

How are we different?

And why it matters

Fresh Meats without preservatives

Our meats are vacuum sealed and frozen at an USDA facility immediately after processing to maintain freshness. All cured meats are brined in sea salt instead of nitrates and our sausage is flavored with pure seasonings without MSG or BHT.

Pasture Raised

All of our animals have open access to pasture year round, mimicking their original environment in nature. Our hogs freely root up the pasture, our cows graze openly on grass, and our chickens are able to roam and forage across the property.

Regenerative and Sustainable

We choose to utilize our livestock to build the soil instead of depleting it. This is done through pasture rotation and multi-species cohabitation. Animals work better together! These methods help with sustainability by revitalizing the soil, breaking the parasitic cycle and allowing the land to recover before the next round of animals.

Supplemented with NonGMO Feed

Resaca Sun in Georgia produces a custom feed mix specifically for our farm each month. They grow all their own crops on their 7,500 acre farm, making our feed one of the top NonGMO feeds on the market.

Redmond Salt & Minerals

In addition to clean feed, we provide Redmond minerals to our livestock to aid in healthy digestion and allow for proper nutritional balance. 

No corn, soy or wheat

Corn, soy and wheat are among the most heavily modified and sprayed grains. They are also inflammatory to the body, which is passed on to the consumer. We are proud to say that we are on the frontlines of raising animals without wheat and are the only farm in the Birmingham area with this practice!

Our Own Breeding Stock

We invested time in sourcing our own breeding stock from across the southeast to ensure that our final products have been under our care from start to finish. To maintain the quality our customers have come to expect, we only raise and process our own animals and do not source meat from any other farms.

Only Heritage Breeds

Our farm is centered around heritage breeds which grow slower than commercial breeds. This slower growth allows for a leaner, more marbled product that is full of flavor.

No Hormones, Steroids, Antibiotics or Chemicals

Our farm operates as naturally as possible, from the products we use in our home to our fields. We believe God created a plant for every ailment, which is why we do not administer any conventional medicine to our livestock. Instead, we use organic supplements and essential oils to boost our animals when they need it. 

No Pesticides, Herbicides or Chemical Fertilizers

We do not believe in using any synthetics on our fields, instead we use natural methods for weed prevention (vinegar and salt) and organic fertilizers (Redmond conditioner).