Half & Whole Hogs

What’s the investment?

We offer two price points to fit your needs:

Standard Pricing

  • Based on live weight (225-275lbs on average)
  • Does not include processing fees (paid separately to the processor)
  • Customer picks up from the processor
  • Must be picked up from the processor within 48 hours of notification it’s ready

All-Inclusive Pricing

  • Based on live weight (225-275lbs on average)
  • Includes processing fees
  • Farm picks up from the processor
  • Customer picks up from the farm
  • Must be picked up from the farm the same day it is brought from the processor
*A deposit is required to reserve your hog. $55 from the deposit covers your delivery fee to the processor and the remaining deposit amount goes towards your hog.

Do you offer a payment plan?

We do! Our farm is the only one in our area to offer a flexible payment plan customized by you. You can pay $100 a month, $50 a week, or even an extra $200 after your deposit; the amount and frequency of payments are up to you! Payments are accepted via Venmo and check, just let us know before you send a payment so that we don’t miss it.

You can make payments on the estimated balance from your pork receipt up until your hog is delivered to the processor. After delivery you will receive an invoice with the exact live weight of your hog and an official remaining balance due to the farm.

How Much meat is it?

Half Hog:

125 pound live weight *average
75-100 pounds of meat *average, depending on cuts
Fills a small chest freezer

Whole Hog:

250 pound live weight *average
150-200 pounds of meat *average, depending on cuts
Fills half of an upright freezer

Half & Whole Hogs can be customized to your choice of cuts. Please fill out the cut sheet below when placing your order.

Where is the pork processed?

All of our pork is processed at Slasham Valley Farms in Ashville, Alabama. To ensure the quality we strive for is maintained, Slasham only uses natural seasonings that contain no MSG, BHT, or BHA as preservatives. Slasham cures our ham and bacon without nitrates or nitrites, using their own sea salt brine instead.

All meat will be vacuum sealed, hard frozen, and ready for pick up within three weeks of delivery to the processor.