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Feel the Difference

We do not use synthetic ingredients or fragrances, only those found in nature.

The only preservatives in our products occur naturally during the soap making process. 

Each product is handcrafted in small batches to maintain the highest quality.

We hand select each ingredient for it’s therapeutic properties and skin benefits.


We use a variety of NonGMO & organic food-grade oils and butters in our products.

Organic essential oils are used for scent; spices, herbs and botanicals are used for color & design.

So Clean You Could Eat It
*but please don’t

Are you looking for clean products for your whole family?

we have something for everyone!

Our motto with our skincare company is the same as our farm, if we wouldn’t eat it we don’t use it! That’s why all of our products are formulated with natural, body beneficial, ingredients instead of those created in a laboratory.

We come in contact with so many toxins every day and your skincare shouldn’t be one of them! Nourish your largest organ instead of smothering it in synthetics with our reasonably-priced, luxury skincare products.

We promise to never use: fragrances, SLS, parabens, phthalates, petroleum, artificial preservatives, micas, dyes, refined oils or by-products


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Making soap the old-fashioned way for a new generation!

benefits of raw milk soap

Our soaps are produced using the traditional cold process method. In cold process soaps the lye initiates a natural curing process which keeps the ingredients at lower temperatures. This allows the therapeutic properties of the oils, butters and essential oils we select to remain intact.

We use our very own mixture of raw goat and cow milk in each bar. Raw milk soap is naturally hypoallergenic and rich in nutrients for your skin, like vitamin A which has anti-aging properties and vitamin D for softer skin or reduced wrinkles. Milk makes a creamy bar that mimics your skins natural pH level, meaning it works with your skin instead of against it to gently cleanse and nourish! 

Our Story

From soil to skin

Dairy goats were the first “big” purchase for our farm in 2015. Back then we didn’t ever dream of starting a soap company, we just wanted to stop buying milk. Two years later we felt a push to start making goat milk soap so that “the girls” would have a greater purpose than just providing our family with dairy. So I purchased several soap making books, made a whole bunch of test recipes, and Glitzy Goat Essential Soap was born! We dedicated a lot of time to formulating recipes over those first few years. I was even able to clear up my own eczema using our Nearly Nakid soap, which continues to be a best seller for our sensitive skin community.

In 2022 we realized that while we loved the name and logo of our soap company, it didn’t reflect our business standards of truly clean products. So we re-branded to become Alleluia Apothecary, an extension of our farm that now focuses on clean skincare instead of just soap. Our motto, “from soil to skin,” exemplifies our original goal to source only the most natural ingredients for your largest organ.

We genuinely hope that our products help your family like they’ve helped ours!

-Ahna Frye

Owner & Handcrafter

Cam & Ahna Frye with the dairy goats that started Glitzy Goat, Gypsy and Dolly. They both passed away in 2021.

Real customer reviews


I have combination skin. After one week of using the serum I can already tell that my skin is evening out. My face feels healthier and stronger where it was thin before. My acne has improved and my fine lines are fading!

-Anita P.
Soothe & Smoothe Serum 

This is the only soap my wife will use because it doesn’t break her out. It keeps her skin silky smooth.

-Nick C.
Meal Moat Soap


Best soap ever! It cleared my sons acne up in a week!

-Kaneesha M.
Nearly Nakid Soap

I’ve been using the NaKid bars for my son who has extremely sensitive dry skin. Amazing. I love that they are all natural and that I don’t have to worry about it irritating his skin. Awesome products and excellent customer service.

-Ilona T.
Nearly Nakid Soap


When I used the body butter I immediately felt a positive reaction. I had a small rash from sun damage and after a little application of butter my skin felt normal again. I’ve been using it ever since because it really helps and I would recommend it to anyone!

-Zue B.
Blossom Body Butter

It leaves me feeling refreshed and clean!

-Angela J.
Nearly Nakid Soap