Whole Hog Deposit


This deposit is for a *whole* hog.
Processing Date: March 2023

Please refer to the PORK product page for details on price per pound, payment plans, and processing options before submitting your deposit.

I understand that my deposit is non-refundable and includes my $50 delivery fee to the processor and $5 convenience fee. The remainder of my deposit will go towards my balance. Upon delivery to the processor Alleluia Acres will email me an updated remaining balance based on the weight of my hog at delivery. I understand that any remaining balance is due to Alleluia Acres within 72 hours of delivery to the processor. If my balance is not paid before pick up I understand that my pork will not be released to me.

Pasture Raised | NonGMO | Corn Free | Soy Free | Wheat Free

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